Online Learning

Digital access to picture books, narrated in many languages including ASL.

Video streams featuring actors reading children’s books using creatively produced illustrations.

Curiosity and imagination leads to exploration and discovery through many interesting facts, pictures, and wonderings. New wonderings every day.

Suitable for all ages.

Explore the world of children’s literature through read alouds, illustration techniques, podcasts, story maps and settings.

Under 13 yrs old do not create accounts.

Learners can explore space through podcasts, image galleries, videos, STEM experiments and more.

Explore space through science, technology, engineering and math. Suitable for all ages.

Animated learning activities for students of all ages.

Available in English, French, Spanish.

Registration and login is required.

Animated learning activities for students of all ages.

French version of BrainPop.

Registration and login is required.

Collection of classic children's stories in multiple languages.

Includes a section with a series of French lessons.

Access to French reading material including audio and video clips.

Video-based lessons for all ages.

Under 13 yrs old do not create accounts

Interactive activities, videos and information highlighting science and social studies.

Suitable for all ages.

English and French available.

NLPL has a large selection of e-books, audio books, newspapers, and magazines.

Register for a library card to have free access to all resources.

English and French content for all ages.

Collections of interactive eBooks.

Use your NL Public Library card to access.

Access BiblioEnfants via TumbleBook Library.

A collection of ebooks, enhanced novels, graphic novels, videos and audio books for ages 12+.

MyCloud login not recommended.

Listen to stories read aloud in 6 different languages.

No login is necessary.

This website provides ideas for day to day learning opportunities.

No purchase necessary.

Follow the links on the main page to gain free access.

Access shows, videos, games and apps in French.

Mobile apps may have their own terms and conditions.

Access shows, videos, and games in English.

Using the power of comics, these stories have readers see the magic of pictures and words working together!

Various languages available.

Learners can find amazing facts about the world around them through fun videos, games and more.

Subscription not required.

Student friendly access to news, including arts, science, sports, entertainment and politics.

Explore science through hands-on activities, videos, and articles. Learning and doing science is so much fun!

English and French available.

Learners can enjoy activities, jokes, games, uncover answers to questions and listen to podcasts.

View and listen to French texts. Includes a series of games and activities in French as well.


Podcast episodes from ants and aliens to volcanoes and extinction- learning about ourselves and the world around us.

A podcast debate show for kids and families where every episode takes two cool things, smashes them together and lets you decide which is best. Cats versus Dogs. Pizza versus Tacos...

Each podcast episode explores the origin of just one thing — like sandwiches, video games, clocks and more — while teaching listeners to think critically about history.

This podcast uses a fun game show format to teach kids how to sort out truth from “fake news”. What is the truth and where is the lie?

This podcast tackles such topics as Why Do People Have Nightmares?, Do Animals Get Married?, and Why Do Lions Roar? Kids have all kinds of crazy questions, get some answers to those questions here.